Thermostat HLT-104

HLT-104HLT-104 thermostat with electronic control and temperature indication is designed to control the heating systems of soil and soil. It is mounted together with the electric cable system Heatline-SOIL, which maintains the desired soil temperature in greenhouses, greenhouses, winter gardens and greenhouses. It can also be used with other systems that require temperature control.

Thermostat HLT-104 is designed as a sealed box, protection class IP55, with installed cable glands and is designed to control the heating of the soil in greenhouses. On the front panel of the thermostat there are 4 control buttons and a digital display. On the inner side of the front panel there is a printed circuit Board of the regulator.

Technical characteristics of the thermostat HLT-104
Type digital
Operating temperature range from 0 to 40ºС
Maximum load current 16А
Recommended switching system power 3,5 kW
Supply voltage ~220V (+10%;-10%) 50Hz
Type of temperature sensor NTC
Protection IP20
The temperature sensor resistance at 25ºС 10 kOhm
Size 128х111х60 mm

Delivery set of the thermostat HLT-104

  • Thermostat
  • Floor temperature sensor
  • Passport, user manual
  • Packing box


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