Thermostat Q-402

 Electronic thermostart programmable wich touch screen  Q-402.

Designed for use in conjunction with electric or water Underfoor heating, as well as other electrical heating systems.

It is used in the interior to adjust and maintain the desired temperature.

Installed in a standard mounting box. 

Tecnical parameters Q-402
Type mode-electronic, manual/programmable
Intelligent programmable timer  7 days. up to 6 programs 
Energy saving  up to 65%
Voltage  220 V (+10%;-15%)/ 50Hz
Maximum load current  16А
Temperature control range  from 0 to +40
Control error  ±1ºС
Погрешность регулирования 1ºС
Air temperature sensor built in
Floor etmperature sensor remote
The lenght of the sensor cable 3m
Service life of at least  100´000 cycles


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