The system Heatline-SOIL is designed specifically for heating the soil in greenhouses, winter gardens, flower beds and lawns. It is a two-core heating section based on a shielded electric heating cable, manufactured in the factory.

The cable is placed in the ground below the root system of plants. Allows an early start on the landing of seedlings and to collect a late harvest. The positive temperature of the soil is maintained almost the entire calendar year. Heating the soil facilitates the process of growing thermophilic plants, which usually grow only in the subtropics and tropics. Electric heating also allows you to get rid of the accumulation of snow on the tracks in winter, from slush and dirt in spring and autumn.

To control the system Heatline-SOIL use the thermostat Heatline HLT-104 104 (not included, please purchase separately).


    The range of ready heating sections Heatline-SOIL

    Type** Power, W Area, m2
    HL-GR-75 75 0.56-0.83
    HL-GR-150 150 0.94-1.50
    HL-GR-220 22 1.50-2.25
    HL-GR-375 375 2.50-3.75
    HL-GR-450 450 3.47-4.51
    HL-GR-600 600 4.75-6.86
    HL-GR-850 850 6.60-8.58
    HL-GR-1000 1000 7.82-10.17
    HL-GR-1500 1500 11.63-15.13

    **Only articles of ready-made kits manufactured in series are indicated. Under the order production and delivery of sets of sections of other sizes is possible

    The advantages of sections Heatline-SOIL

    • Electrosecurity. The electric heating system has its own protection against electric shock of people and animals. In case of mechanical damage, it will be completely de-energized.
    • Operation of greenhouses, gardens and other ground areas in winter and in the off-season.
    • The economy of the operation. Despite the use of electricity, the cable system Heatline-SOIL gives a significant advantage over other types of heating: pipes with hot liquid or antifreeze. In contrast, area practically needs no special maintenance.
    • Uniformity of heat distribution over the area. The cable is laid evenly over the entire heating area, which contributes to the uniform distribution of temperature throughout the soil. When planting different crops in one greenhouse, separate control of the soil temperature on each bed is required.
    • Automatic temperature control and easy to operate. To regulate the temperature, a thermostat is used, for example, the HLT-104 thermostat (sold separately). The optimum soil temperature is 15-25°С for different crops.

    Installation of heating cable system Heatline-SOIL

    • To remove a layer of soil ( 30-40 cm)
    • Pour a layer of clean dry sifted sand, 5-7 cm thick, spill the sand with water and carefully tamp it
    • Lay the steel road grid, with a cell pitch of 50x50 mm and fix it on the sand
    • Evenly spread out the heating section of the Heatline-SOIL and fix the section on the grid with plastic cable ties so as to prevent the cable from moving after installation. Step of laying the heating cable 15-25 sm.
    • Install the temperature sensor in the mounting tube. To fix the heating section Heatline-SOIL can be used Mounting tape.
    • Over the section lay a layer of clean sifted sand, 5-7 cm thick and pour the sand with water
    • Lay a steel road net, with a cell pitch of not more than 25x25 mm, in order to protect against damage to the heating section with a shovel and / or other garden equipment and fix it on the sand
    • Lay fertile soil on top of the second layer of sand
    • Connect the HLT-104 thermostat according to the user Manual supplied with the thermostat.

    Attention! To avoid damage to the cable sheath, gravel and gravel may not be used in place of or together with sifted sand. There are restrictions for plants with a root system that lies deeper than 20-30cm. The depth of the cable depends on the type of plant and the type of application - for each case, the cable is selected separately, so as not to dry the root system and avoid overheating of the roots of plants.

    Brief video instruction on installation of the ground heating system Heatline-SOIL


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