Heating cables Heatline-2

Warm floor «Heatline-2» 

Warm floor "Heatline-2" represents heating section from night-reliable shielded twin-core cable, and both cores are heating at that. Mounting is a laying into sand-cement covering.

Twin-core Warm floors can be used both in the capacity of additional and principal installaton. The complete set of warm floors "Heatline-2" composes of heating section, mounting tape and istallation specification.

Complementary range of application (outer jacket of heating cable in appropriate implementations): heating of open areas, heating of ground under coolig cabinets, technological heating of concrete.

 Warm Floor «Heatline-2» 

Mark Power, W Area, м2
20Р2Э-5-110 110 0,65-1,1
20Р2Э-11-200 200 1,1-1,7
20Р2Э-15-300 300 1,7-2,4
20Р2Э-21-400 400 2,4-3,3
20Р2Э-28-550 550 3,2-4,6
20Р2Э-41-800 800 4,7-6,7
20Р2Э-51-1000 1000 5,9-8,3
20Р2Э-63-1300 1300 7,6-10,8
20Р2Э-79-1600 1600 9,4-13,3

Installation instruction for system Heatline-2®


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