Taped floor «Heatline-HLS»

Ultrafine taped warm floor "Heatline-HLS" represents flexible, durable, fire-proof, damp-proof, polymeric tape with specific power 110-400 W/m, which is laid under any floor covering, including laminate and parquet.

Complementary heating of roofing elements, mirror, heating, ceiling heaters, mat for footwer drying, at apporopriate specific power heating. 

Taped floor «Heatline-HLS» 

Mark Power, W Area,m2
HLS-150-1.0 150 1
HLS-150-2.0 150 2
HLS-150-3.0 150 3
HLS-150-5.0 150 5
HLS-150-10.0 150 10

Installation instruction for system Heatline-HLS®


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