Heatline - LONG PIPE

Heatline-LONG PIPE  is a heating tape of series resistance, applied for prevention of freezing or process temperature maintenance in common industrial pipelines up to 33 km. Typical appliccation is the temperature maintenance and prevention of freeze-up in above ground or underground water-supply line. Application of system Heatline-LONG PIPE minimises the number of electrical supplies needed, reduces cost of accompanying power-sypply system.

Heating tape Heatline-LONG PIPE may be straight run or spriralled to above ground pipes. For preliminarily heat-insulated pipelines, tape is placed into directing elements, installed on a transport pipe under lagging. 

  • single conductor heating tape HL-Р-Э-1
  • three phase heating tape HL-P-Э-3


 Technical information LONG PIPE

 HL-Р-Э-1 HL-P-Э-3
Maximum operating temperature, °С 180 180
Maximum allowable temperature of exeternal action, without load (1000 hours cumulatively) 200 200
Minimum installation temperature, ºС - 30 - 30
Linear power, W/m up to 40 up to 40
Supply voltage, V 380 - 660 380 - 660
Minimal radius of bend at operation and storage  55 55
Permissible minimum radius of single bend at insllation, mm 45 45
Outer diameter, mm 3,8 - 5,5 ___
Weight, kg/100m 39 - 120 39 - 120

Company distributes a full set of accessories: power sources, systems of power and temperature control, equipment of alarm/tracking after circuit continuity, interface boxes and other composition.

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