HL-Mi. Cable in mineral insulation

Electrical heating resistive cable in mineral insulation HL-MIHeating cable HL-MI serves to maintain the set temperature of pipelines and tanks and also to heat up product  (including transportation process)

 Technical information HL-Mi

HL-Mi-1 HL-Mi-2
Number of cores 1 2
Maximum permissible temperature of operation under load, ºС up to +450 up to +600
Maximum permissible temperature of operation without load, ºС up to +600 up to +800
Minimum installation temperature, ºС up to -25 up to -25
Linear power, W/m up to 200 up to 200
Supply voltage, V up to 660 up to 660
Outer diameter, mm 3,2...6,5 3,2...6,5
Minimal radius of bend, mm 6 d 6 d
Weight, kg/100m 50 50

Heating cable can be distributed in the form of prepared heating section with assembly ends of required length. (standard 2mm).
Component objects: Company distributes a full took kiit, which is necessary for installation of this heatig cable/section.
Note: For overheating protection and proper work of heating cable you must use heat regulator to provide minimal electrical power consumption. 

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