Heatline-INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC HEAT TRACING is intended for industrial heating of pipelines and tanks, for the purpose of maintenance of a given tecnological temperature.

The purpose off system Heatline-INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC HEAT TRACING 

Technological heating.
Temperature maintenance in the set range according to tecnology requirements of the given process, for example, heating of oil pipelines, in order to privent oil gelation.

Anticondensation heating.
Intended for the heating gas pipelines in order to prevent condensation.

Freezing prevention.
Prevent freeze-up in pipelines and tanks.

Starting warming up.
The system of heating should warm up a liquid flowing through the pipe at the active site to provide a normal temperature mode on the pipeline rest.

The system structure of  Heatline-INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC HEAT TRACING

  • Heating part. Intended for the immediate heating of pipelines and tanks. Consists of electric heating sections.
  • The system of fastening elements. Intended for reliable fixation of heating sections on the heated equipment.
  • Distributeve network. Intended for energizing from control cabinet to heating section, for signal transfer from sensors to control cabinet. Consist of power cable, information cable, junction boxes, auxilary electric installation products.
  • Countrol cabinet. Intended for switching of electroheating system on signals from sensor or on preliminarily given algorithm. The control cabinet composed of: the cabinet care (in approriate implementation), motor-starting diveces and switchgear, controllers for signals from sensors, intrinsically safe barriers (as appropriate).



The projection involves heat engineering calculation, project feasibility stude, explanatory report, projection and design documentation, specification of materials and equipment and also all necessary instructions and descriptions. For making out an application for calculation of heating - industrial electric heat tracing.


The Production company Heatline realizez a full installation or contract supervision of system Heatline-INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC HEAT TRACING.

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