Service and postproduction

After the installation and commissioning works properly designed and installed system of industrial cable electric heating will last for several decades. However, uninterrupted service requires monitoring of parts and components of the system, i.e., scheduled maintenance is required throughout the life of the system.

TheHEATLINE company does not abandon the completed objects after the completion of installation works and produces all types of after-sales service, including maintenance of cable electric heating systems in accordance with the requirements of the regulations for each system. We conclude a service contract with a certain package of services, including both consulting by technical specialists at any time, and departure of masters on object and technical diagnostics.

In the process of technical diagnostics the following types of work are carried out:

  • check the cable system for damage
  • check all electrical parameters of the cable system
  • verification of compliance of current system performance with acceptable standards
  • check the safety of all components and parts of the system, not only cable runs, but also connecting and powering systems
  • checking the parameters of the control system cable electric heating system

And in case of detection of malfunctions or discrepancy of parameters recovery and repair work, training and consultation of the personnel of the Customer with rules of operation of cable heating system are carried out.

Upon completion of the work carried out, acts of technical inspection and work performed are drawn up, as well as recommendations on the further operation of the system and the date of the recommended next service.

All provided services have their own regulations, prescribed in the relevant technical documentation and each service period corresponds to its pre-known schedule of inspections, the interval of which depends on the type of equipment, as well as the operating conditions and configuration of the heating cable system.

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