Technical specification and calculations

To start the design work, the Customer must have a technical specification (TS) for the development of the engineering systems project. Quite often for the Customer it is an impossible task! This can take a lot of time and effort. Often, the preparation of TS also requires a preliminary feasibility study (feasibility study), which is also quite a difficult task.

Specialists of LLC «ПК ХИТ ЛАЙН» quickly and efficiently prepare for you both of the above documents, taking into account your wishes and requirements.

Besides, our company can:

  • carry out pre-design study (PP)
  • conduct thermal calculations (TTR)
  • make a preliminary specification and calculation
  • prepare a technical and economic proposal (TEP)

The success of the project and its economic efficiency during its operation directly depends on how well and carefully the concept of the project is developed, the economic analysis of the project and its feasibility is carried out. According to the results of the" pre-Project " and preparation of the feasibility study, the Customer has enough information to understand the main indicators of the project and make a decision on the implementation of a specific project.

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