High-temperature self-regulating heating tape HLS parallel type of protection against freezing and maintain a predetermined temperature (to 120C) of pipelines and tanks , not subjected to steaming. Application in aggressive acid and alkaline environments is possible.

The parallel design of the self-regulating cable allows you to cut the tape of the desired length directly on the object, while the operations of sealing the terminals and splicing are carried out on the spot, without prior calculations. Sealing of inputs is made by means of the corresponding sets of fittings purchased separately. There is no risk of overheating or burnout of the tape during self-dissection or when it passes through the insulation layer. The heat release of the tape is self-regulated in response to changes in its temperature.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, painted and unpainted metal, plastic.

Fire safety certificate C-RU.nB54.B.00055
Certificate of conformity ROSS RU. AG23.B07487
Certificate of conformity with ROSS RU explosion protection marking РОСС RU.0001.11МГ08
Certification for compliance with other national standards is available on request


  • HLLe…CF outer sheath of PTFE on top of the shield braid provides protection from aggressive chemical corrosion environments.

For more details on the technical characteristics of the self-regulating heating tape HLS can be found in the technical documentation by request.

 Range of self-regulating heating tape Heatline HLS

Type Linear power, W/m Supply voltage, V Shell type
15HLS2-CF 15 2 PTFE
30HLS2-CF 30 2 PTFE
45HLS2-CF 45 2 PTFE
55HLS2-CF 55 2 PTFE
60HLS2-CF 60 2 PTFE

On request, the self-regulating heating tape can be supplied as ready-made heating sections with mounting ends of the required length. A complete set of necessary accessories for the installation of the heating cable is supplied.

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