Self-regulating cable Heatline-ANTIFREEZE

Pipe heating system with self-regulating heating cable Heatline-ANTIFREEZE

The modern country house is equipped with various engineering systems: water supply, Sewerage, hot water supply and heating. In winter, there is often a danger of freezing engineering systems laid in the open air or in a shallow way. Save from this can lay systems in the ground at a depth greater than the level of freezing. But it is quite expensive for Russia, because even in its Central regions the depth of soil freezing is 1.4 meters. Not to mention the more Northern areas. Pipe heating system using Heatline-ANTIFREEZE - the simplest and most effective solution to this problem!

Additionally, you can install The Heatline HLT-D-503 thermostat to control the system and reduce energy costs. The thermostat is not included in the package and can be purchased separately.

The principle of operation of the system Heatline-ANTIFREEZE based on self-regulating heating cable

Self-regulating cables release heat through conductive conductors surrounded by plastic. This, in combination with the semiconductor matrix, allows the self – regulating cable to justify its name-to increase and decrease heat transfer, independently reacting to changes in ambient temperature, and to do it locally: to warm more in the area where the temperature is lower, and to reduce heat transfer where the ambient temperature is high.

Therefore, even if these cables are self-intersecting, they never burn out, and the power consumption of such cables is controlled independently. Therefore, for heating pipes, especially in places such as basements, it is better to use a self – regulating heating cable-it is easier, safer and more economical.

The range of finished heater sections Heatline-ANTIFREEZE

Type** Power, W Area, m2
HL-AF-1.0 17 1
HL-AF-2.0 34 2
HL-AF-3.0 51 3
HL-AF-4.0 68 4
HL-AF-5.0 85 5
HL-AF-6.0 102 6
HL-AF-8.0 136 8
HL-AF-10.0 170 10
HL-AF-12.0 204 12
HL-AF-15.0 255 15
HL-AF-20.0 340 20

** Only articles of ready-made kits manufactured in series are indicated. Under the order it is possible to manufacture and supply sets of section length up to 100m

Advantages of cable heating system Heatline-ANTIFREEZE based on self-regulating tape

  • Prevent freezing of the pipeline and its destruction
  • The possibility of laying the pipeline at a lower depth
  • Maintenance of the required temperature in the pipeline and its instantaneous supply without preheating
  • No need to install reverse water lines in the house and associated expensive equipment-circulation pump
  • Prevention of condensation on the surface of the pipeline
  • Can be used for small pipelines and their sections in the form of a short section, from 20-30 cm
  • Lack of preliminary calculations to determine the required volume of heating self-regulating tape
  • The locality of heat generation of the heating tape when the conditions of heat transfer
  • Easy and convenient installation
  • High security

The installation of a heating system Heatline-ANTIFREEZE

  • A self-regulating cable of the required length is cut in accordance with the length of the intended heating section, or a ready-made set of a suitable length is purchased
  • At one end of the cable is cut to connect to the mains, the other end is put coupling. The ready-made kits have a fork and clutch already installed
  • The cable is laid on the surface of the pipe and glued with aluminum tape. For reliability in 30-40 cm it should be attached to the pipe with fiberglass tape or plastic clamps
  • Thermal insulation is put on. The thickness depends on the power of the cable and the diameter of the pipe

Attention! Installation of the heating system of pipelines Heatline-ANTIFREEZE is possible both on top of the pipe, under the insulation, and inside the pipe. If installed inside the pipe to use the system Heatline cable gland Heatline VKT-1/2-3/4

A brief video guide to the installation Heatline-ANTIFREEZE


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