Anti-ice and frost protection

Heatline-ANTI-ICE system is designed specifically for outdoor use in the off-season and winter, when there is a high probability of ice formation and snow accumulation in public places: on ramps, stairs, transitions, entrance groups.

It not only removes snow and ice from open areas, but also protects them from damage - it allows to increase the service life and operation of coatings in public areas and solves the issue of safety of transport and pedestrians.

To control the Heatline-ANTI-ICE system, thermostat is used (not included in the package and sold separately)




Heatline-ANTI-ICE is a heating section based on a single-core resistive armored heating cable, with a plasticized shell on top of the armor, manufactured in the factory. The heating section is laid in cement-sand screed or in concrete. A distinctive feature of the heating section Heatline-ANTI-ICE -its high mechanical strength and increased resistance to external influences.

Design of armored heating cable of the system

    Range of ready heating sections Heatline-ANTI-ICE

    Type** Power, W Area, m2
    HL-B-1.0 270 1
    HL-B-2.0 450 2
    HL-B-3.0 800 3
    HL-B-5.0 1150 5
    HL-B-6.0 1500 6
    HL-B-8.0 1900 8

    ** Only articles of ready-made kits manufactured in series are indicated. Under the order production and delivery of sets of sections of other sizes is possible

    Advantages of heatline sections -ANTI-ICE

    • Corrosion and mechanical resistance
    • Resistance to temperature changes
    • Long service life
    • Supplied as ready-made sections

    Technical characteristics of the armored cable as a part of sections Heatline-ANTI-ICE

    Characteristic Value
    Maximum operating temperature 105ºС
    Minimum installation temperature -15ºС
    The resistance of the cable conductor 0,04...129 Оhm/m
    Insulation resistance not less 1х103, MОhm*m
    Linear power from 5 to 25 W/m
    Supply voltage 220-230,380 V
    Outer diameter of cable 4,3-5 mm
    The minimum allowable radius one-time bending during installation 30 mm


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